teamed up w my girl mia to bring you looks exclusively from wally world! i know the video is a bit long, I'll cute it down next time. watch mia's walmart challenge ( ) & let us know how we did!

we only got to spend a short time in nairofi but we totally enjoyed! check out this installment of hardly "home but always reppin" ft. one of my favorite travel buddies, my mum ❤️

hey guys! so I decided to make a vlog of my recent trip back home to kenya to answer the many questions I get and also show you guys how beautiful and diverse my country really is! this first installment is just my travels from los angeles to nairobi thru amsterdam.

gotten lots of questions on how I wrap my crown so I f i n a l l y made a tutorial! I don't always use two but since my hair was protectively styled with twists, I used the red Masaai cloth to give height and volume. the top one is from @kaji.hairwraps.